One Family : Two Parties Summer 2019


Thank you very much for Saturday. The bowl food idea I think worked very well - the guests remarked on how relaxed they thought the party was and everyone liked the food. Also accolades for your delightful waitresses. I'm pleased that the fact that everyone congregated in the kitchen and round the bar didn't faze you at all. Good luck with the next one.

Thank you very much for your good offices yesterday. For me it was stress -free. I think everyone had a good time and very much enjoyed the canapes. One person said they were the best he had tasted, and he was a chef.

Wahaca Annual Trip : September 2019

The food at Bosham Kitchen was a delight.  Simple, beautiful food that you really want to eat delivered with utter charm.  We could not have had a better lunch.  Thank you so much!

And thank you to Miranda - I really enjoyed meeting her xxx

Thomasina Miers, Co-founder of WAHACA

Babs is 80 : July 2018

Just want the thank you again for helping to make my 80th party a great success.

The variety of dishes you provided were excellent, all of them were delicious. I did appreciate the fact that you did not mind preparing a favourite chicken dish of mine.  It was great the way we both put ideas in the pot which produced complementary dishes.

I admired the fact that you coped with a small kitchen, with a smile on your face and a relaxed attitude.  Several guests remarked to me how friendly you were when serving them with food.

I wish you great success with your new venture. 

Best wishes Babs